“With a playful sophistication, Hot Flash Heat Wave remind us of The Drums‘ strong pop mentality and Smith Westerns‘ slacker attitude.”

– Brontë Martin, Earmilk

“They’re a pop-rock band who would have hit my Strokes/Weezer/Phantom Planet sweet spot back in 2002 (I mean that as a major compliment) and who are giving me pleasant memories of that era 15 years later.”

– Chris DeVille, Stereogum

“The band is led by saccharine-voiced Sara DaMert, who lends a cherubic, innocent feel to the Tambo Rays’ bubbly, indie-pop jams.”

– Jessie Schiewe, SF Weekly

“Produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers’ Hot Fuss) and mixed by Eric Broucek (The Drums and Classixx),  Soaked douses a little dream pop on the band’s punched-up garage riffs.”

– Emily Manning, i-D.VICE

“3D Light is a hazy, spaced-out number that meanders into the ether as though it can’t be bothered with touching the ground. Clocking in at just over five minutes, “3D Light” burns slow and blue, dreamily adrift beneath a morphine drip.”

 – Elle Carroll, DoTheBay on Everyone Is Dirty

“Feeling particularly prophetic, Lioncub used her morphine-induced state to pen fresh, insightful lyrics about her predicament while her supportive bandmates began work on their second album My Neon’s Dead. Now on the mend, Lioncub and the rest of the band are gearing up to unleash their latest sonic vision, supported by a West Coast tour.”

 – Mike Oliger, Culture Collide on Everyone Is Dirty

“Hot Flash Heat Wave have made a glowing record about moving on—a rare album that sighs with wistfulness while still having fun.”

– Steven Edelstone, Bandcamp

“Mirroring the upbeat sound, the video is full of fun filled psychedelic imagery shot in an East Oakland warehouse. Exhibiting some of front-woman Sara DaMert’s wildly catchy dance moves, the uplifting video reflects the positive pop-rock feel of the upcoming EP.”

– Wonderland

“[Be Calm Honcho] delivers in a big way. It’s the kind of song [Bad Man] that’s meant for staring out the window, pondering the big things, and hoping everything will be okay tomorrow.”

– Alex McCown-Levy, A.V. Club

Go to an indie music concert in Oakland or listen to a record from a local band, and you won’t see or hear Sarah Sexton — but chances are she’s the woman behind the scenes who made it happen.

– Cyrus Moniker, KQED

“The album [My Neon’s Dead] comes after vocalist/violinist Sivan Lioncub nearly died due to a penicillin allergy. Now fully recovered, Lioncub and her bandmates have proved they are back and better than ever on ‘San Andreas.’ The track drips with swagger as the band works its way through a soaring melody and an angelic chorus.”

– William Tomer, The 405 on Everyone Is Dirty

“Oakland-based, brother/sister-led quintet The Tambo Rays play a sweeping brand of sun-soaked pop rock that exemplifies the vintage appeal of golden-era Blondie while falling within the same symphonic spectrum as modern indie pop acts like the Shout Out Louds.”

– Mike Oliger, The Wild Honey Pie

“Purity Ring-meets-Little Dragon”

– Kirsten Spruch, Baeble on The Tambo Rays

“Produced by Jeff Saltzman (the Killers) and mixed by Eric Broucek (the Drums), Soaked takes the band in a new direction towards colorful, hook-heavy dream pop tracks.”

– Maya Eslami, What Youth


“In a year where it’s tough to find good news, Oakland’s OIM Records is working to reverse the narrative of a declining Bay Area music scene.”

Steven Edelstone, SF Weekly

“In a time when everyone and their grandma seems to be bemoaning the dissolution of the Bay Area’s music community, OIM Records has assembled an unpretentious collection of caffeine-rush rock that provides a refreshing alternative to the malaise.”

– Max Savage Levenson, Bandcamp

“The band’s new single, “Get It Right Now,” is a great example of what they do: propulsive, bouncy indie pop that gleams like a toothpaste commercial smile.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“The band’s music, much like their name, hits like a sweltering and sudden heat wave — the kind that doesn’t deter you, just makes you want to pour water on your head and keep on going.” Consequence of Sound

Tavella & Galloway utilize their harmonic duet blends, calls, & responses to sew together the buzzing keys, & electric chords that clasp together like cymbals of lightning collected like fireflies in a wine bottle or mason jar. – Sjimon Gompers, Impose Mag

“The band’s third full-length album serves as a confirmation of the band’s blend of indie and chamber pop, melding together percussion and synths with cinematic arrangements and guitars.”  – Billboard

“With their fusion of baroque pop, eclectic rock, and hints of classical flourishes, San Francisco pop-rockers Foxtails Brigade are making us very happy.” – Baeble

“It doesn’t happen often these days, but the video for Waterstrider’s song “Frayed” will make you sit up and go WOAH” – Kim Taylor Bennett, Noisey

“Vocalist and guitarist Nate Salman tells PopMatters, “‘Frayed’ came from an experience of pure bliss and confusion bundled together: the un-satisfaction of temporary romance, and the struggle to maintain sanity in the midst of a magical moment.” – Brice Ezell, Pop Matters

“The seams between shots are visible and give the clip a stilted, puppeteered feel that contrasts nicely with the song’s funk-pop longing and elation.” – Caitlin White, Stereogum

“OIM Vol. 1 flaunts a very well-produced and inspired mix of local bands, that flashes the potential of the indie rock scene from both sides of the Bay.” – Adrian Spinelli, SF Weekly

“OIM: Vol I casts a wide net to document the vivid menagerie of acts emerging on the East Bay scene” – KQED Arts

“She [Laura Weinbach of Foxtails Brigade] takes a more forceful stand on “No Fate,” a noisy rocker that finds her going face to face with the chaos of modern life with a chip on her shoulder and a smirk on her lips.” – Relix Mag

“OIM has been an instrumental force in cultivating, expanding, and generally living and breathing the Oakland music scene”< – Jody Amable, The Bay Bridged

“In each song off the upcoming self-titled third album… the band melds acoustic guitar with horns and strings to create experimental freak-folk even Joanna Newsom would approve of.” – SF Weekly

“For their third proper album, the band pulls out all the stops to bring forth Foxtails Brigade’s ecstatic visions that run the continuum between adversity and absolute hysteric euphoria.” – Impose Magazine

“‘All The Beauty’ is Lila Rose’s Most Cathartic Song Yet” – SF Weekly

“Lila´s new single All The Beauty is out now, if you think Kate Bush meets Björk sounds like a wonderful mix. Listen up!” – Palace of Rock

“Lila Rose makes some of the most cinematic indie rock on the planet.” – Ellenwood

“[Foxtails Brigade, We Are Not Ourselves is] a creeping orchestral pop song brought to life by the menacing vocals of Laura Weinbach as she somehow sweetly serenades you to your doom.” – Paste Magazine

“This is an album you’ll want to listen to from start to finish. The name Nomad speaks volumes about its contents; it has no specific home, it is meant for everyone.” – 1340 Mag

“NOMAD, the new album by Whiskerman, is a truly remarkable recording. Imagine the melancholic, orchestral country of Lambchop, blended with the luminous mysticism of Mind Games-era John Lennon and you’ll be close to the mark.” – The Big Takeover

“Oakland’s four piece Whiskerman are touching perfection with Perfect, a song taken from their recent Nomad LP. Here unfolds a deep soulful, ‘70s soft rock ecstatic listening that roots its flavor in a bluesy and hazy pop lullaby while it fades within a string orgasm between the glory mountains!” – Sound Injections

“OIM: Vol I casts a wide net to document the vivid menagerie of acts emerging on the East Bay scene” – Rachel Milani, Do The Bay

“It is [Youngblood] Dark And On The Move, and in my lonely quiet, I felt the urge to pull on a carmine cape and head off for a midnight wander through an abandoned city. A deep, dark, delicious solitude.” – Anne Bacon, SF Critic

“The album [OIM Vol. 1], while firmly standing on an undercurrent of rock, is cohesively experimental in nature.” – Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

“While the styles of music represented are diverse, Saltzman’s methodical recording process and the indie garage style are common threads, making the final product [OIM Vol. 1] more than just a disjointed mixtape.” – Sam Levine, East Bay Express

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