“In the Summer of 2015, thirteen Bay Area bands were given three days to record a song with producer Jeff Saltzman in his studio in Oakland – using the same room, same equipment and same level of Jeff’s extreme sass. The Vol. I compilation, initiated as a fun way to honor the blossoming Oakland music scene, would turn out to be the igniting force of the up & coming Oakland indie label, OIM Records. Now, one year later, the gang of misfits behind this endeavor offer up another morsel to nibble on with the 2nd annual compilation, OIM: Vol. II. Featuring Oakland and SF favorites such as the melodically upbeat, hook-filled garage rock of Hot Flash Heat Wave, the kaleidosonic afro soul of Bells Atlas, and the West Coast pop of Be Calm Honcho and The Tambo Rays to offer up a bit of those California summer vibes. The compilation is due for release July 22nd and will be available on cassette and cd, as well as distributed online for free.”



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