Arctic Monkeys: The Car Album Review

The Arctic Monkeys, an English band cherished for their music, have come back with an adventurous and beautifully orchestrated album titled “The Car.” The album is like a treasure map filled with puzzling songs about love, wishing, and questions. Alex Turner, the lead singer at 36 years old, is steering the Arctic Monkeys towards a different sound – transforming them from a powerful rock band into a loving and stylish lounge group. Their live shows are like a big celebration, where fans go wild even at the smallest hint of a familiar sound. It’s as if they’ve won a big game, when in fact, a group of Northerners in flared pants are singing about space hotels, spying, and dancing.

The Car Album Overview

After their peak with the 2013 album “AM,” Arctic Monkeys take us on a new journey with “The Car.” Turner has shifted the focus from what’s around him to what’s inside him. He let us peek into his fears and dreams through the concept of an outlandish resort in the cosmos in their 2018 album “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.” It was like he was talking about himself, but in a secret code. Now with “The Car,” their seventh album, the band presents a maze of songs. These songs might seem puzzling at first, but as you spend more time with them, you’ll uncover the messages about love, longing, and uncertainty that they hold.

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Track Analysis

The album is like a journey with many surprises and turns. It starts with “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball,” a song that feels like it could fit in an old French movie. Then it quickly changes to a colorful and lively feel with “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am.” The band’s energy shines through in drummer Matt Helders’ jazzy beat on the first song and Turner’s playful guitar on the second. Other tracks, like “Jet Skis on the Moat,” feel like they’re from another time with a funky groove. “Body Paint” brings us a blast of pop music that’s both confident and bold, just like their older songs. By the end of the album, you can sense a mix of the band’s rock roots and the glamor they explored in “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.”

Production and Instrumentation

The music in “The Car” fits perfectly with the mood of the lyrics. The album’s songs are like puzzle pieces that form a bigger picture. The instruments work together like a well-practiced orchestra, building a sense of anticipation. They’re like toys waiting to come to life. The variety of instruments adds depth to the album. From the moody start to the lively funk and the grandeur of the baroque pop, each track feels like a different world.

Songwriting and Lyrics

Turner’s writing is like a beautiful painting with some parts left blurry on purpose. The people and feelings he sings about aren’t always clear, making the songs richer. He doesn’t just write about heartbreak or love, but you can often sense faraway lovers in the background. He talks about the past, both carefree and uncertain, and mixes it with his own life. But just as he lets you in, he changes direction, reminding us that things aren’t always what they seem.

Vocal Performance

Turner’s voice takes a different tone on this album. He began his career singing like he talks, giving the songs a very real feeling. As time passed, he added more range to his voice. Now, on “The Car,” he often uses falsetto. It’s like a higher, softer voice. In the past, he used falsetto to make fun of rockstar bravado. But here, it’s his way of showing vulnerability and honesty. His voice adds a layer of emotion to the lyrics.

Comparisons and Influences

Arctic Monkeys’ journey has brought them to a unique place with “The Car.” This album feels like a mix of their older rock sound and the glamorous feel of “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.” There’s a touch of funk, baroque pop, and even French movie vibes. Their ability to blend these elements into their own style is impressive.

Emotional Impact

“The Car” isn’t an album that hits you right away. It’s like a puzzle you have to put together to really feel its impact. The emotions it explores – love, longing, doubt – come through as you delve deeper into the lyrics. It’s an album that stays with you, making you think and feel long after the music stops.

Target Audience

This album is for those who enjoy music that’s not just on the surface. If you like exploring lyrics that hold hidden meanings, if you appreciate a mix of musical styles, then “The Car” is for you. It’s for listeners who enjoy dissecting songs and finding the emotions beneath the surface.


While “The Car” is a fascinating album, some might find its complexity a bit overwhelming. The lyrics require attention to truly grasp, and the shifts in musical style might be jarring for some listeners. If you’re looking for straightforward, easy-listening music, this album might take some getting used to.

Personal Insights

Listening to “The Car” feels like deciphering a secret code. Turner’s lyrics invite you to explore his thoughts and feelings, but they also keep you at a distance. It’s an album that rewards patience – the more you invest in understanding it, the more it gives back. The music takes you on a journey through various emotions, sometimes even contradictory ones. It’s an album that reminds us that life’s simplest truths can be the hardest to find, just like trying to find your way in a maze.

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