Clark: Sus Dog Album Review

Chris Clark’s musical exploration has taken us on a journey through ever-shifting soundscapes, and his latest album, “Sus Dog,” continues this captivating trajectory. Guided by Thom Yorke’s executive production, Clark places his own voice at the forefront, weaving a delicate tapestry of vocals and intricate production. This review delves into the various facets of “Sus Dog,” analyzing its tracks, production, lyrics, vocal performance, influences, emotional impact, and more.

Sus Dog Album Overview

“Sus Dog” marks a pivotal moment in Clark’s career, where he seamlessly fuses his distinct voice with his dynamic production. The album showcases an evolution in Clark’s approach, utilizing a limited palette of synths and acoustic instruments to create an ornate yet agile synth-pop sound. The interplay between his fragile falsetto and complex production elements is at the heart of this sonic journey.

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Track Analysis

Each track on “Sus Dog” contributes to the album’s atmospheric storytelling. “Alyosha” introduces us to Clark’s voice with a tinny a cappella refrain, setting a contemplative tone. “Forest” surprises with a bright chorus emerging from an instrumental mist. “Medicine” showcases a harmonious blend of Clark and Yorke’s vocals, creating a celestial atmosphere. The title track, “Sus Dog,” navigates emotional highs and lows, mirroring its sonic shifts.

Production and Instrumentation

The album’s production highlights Clark’s mastery of sound manipulation. The delicate interweaving of boxy and lightspeed synths with acoustic elements creates a multi-dimensional auditory experience. The production’s attention to detail allows Clark’s voice to glide over the beats seamlessly, guiding the listener through the sonic landscape.

Songwriting and Lyrics

Clark’s songwriting strikes a balance between evocative imagery and off-kilter reflections on human behavior. Tracks like “Alyosha” and “Dismissive” capture complex emotions succinctly, while “Ladder” uses metaphors to illustrate his artistic journey. The lyrics provide insight into the emotional terrain Clark traverses, amplifying the album’s thematic exploration.

Vocal Performance

Clark’s voice, though lacking the lower range of Thom Yorke, finds its own distinct charm within the album. His high, plaintive falsetto serves as a graceful counterpoint to the intricate production. The emotional resonance of his voice adds depth to the tracks, allowing listeners to connect with the overarching themes.

Comparisons and Influences

Thom Yorke’s influence is evident in the shared beatific falsettos, but Clark’s voice possesses its own nuances. The album’s soundscapes draw comparisons to artists like Arca and Björk, while also carving a unique path in the realm of experimental synth-pop. Clark’s mentorship under Yorke adds an extra layer of artistry to his vocal performance.

Emotional Impact

“Sus Dog” excels in conveying emotional depth through its music and lyrics. The album’s sonic shifts mirror life’s unpredictability, creating a poignant connection with listeners. Moments of despair, contemplation, and even defiance are captured through Clark’s voice and production, resulting in an immersive emotional journey.

Target Audience

The album’s intricate layers, emotional resonance, and blend of synth-pop and experimental elements cater to a diverse audience. Fans of artists like Thom Yorke, Arca, and Björk will find familiarity in the album’s sound, while those seeking music that transcends traditional boundaries will appreciate its innovative approach.


While “Sus Dog” excels in many aspects, some listeners might find the album’s experimental nature challenging. The intricacies of Clark’s production and the unconventional lyricism may require repeated listens to fully appreciate. Additionally, those expecting a replication of Yorke’s vocal style might be surprised by the album’s distinct vocal approach.

Personal Insights

“Sus Dog” resonates as a testament to Clark’s artistic growth. The album’s fusion of vocals and production showcases a newfound synergy, elevating both elements. The emotional journey it offers mirrors the complexities of navigating life’s extremes, making it a captivating and introspective musical experience.


In “Sus Dog,” Clark invites us to explore the convergence of voice and production, and to embrace the ever-shifting atmospheric extremes he presents. The album’s delicate vocals and intricate instrumentals create an immersive experience that captures the essence of human emotions. As Clark’s voice guides us through his sonic landscape, we witness his artistic evolution and the vivid emotions that dwell within. “Sus Dog” stands as a testament to Clark’s ability to craft music that not only challenges but also resonates deeply with its listeners, beckoning us to embrace the unknown terrain of his musical universe.

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