Lil Yachty: Let’s Start Here Album Review

Lil Yachty, the young and vibrant rapper, has unveiled his surprising new album titled “Let’s Start Here.” In this unexpected musical endeavor, Yachty expresses his desire to be recognized as more than just a SoundCloud or mumble rapper. This pivot is bold, and it’s evident that he’s striving to be taken seriously as an artist in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop. The album’s sound and themes suggest a departure from his earlier works, signaling his ambition to broaden his musical horizons and explore new artistic avenues.

Let’s Start Here Album Overview

“Let’s Start Here” is a departure from the familiar Lil Yachty sound that fans have grown accustomed to. The album showcases a fusion of various musical styles, ranging from psych-rock to R&B to funk. This diversity is a testament to Yachty’s determination to step outside his comfort zone and experiment with different sounds and genres. By doing so, he challenges the preconceived notions about his musical capabilities and aims to be a trailblazer in the rap industry.

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Track Analysis

The album is a collection of tracks that exhibit Yachty’s versatility as an artist. From the wistful hooks of “pRETTy” to the melodic shrills of “paint THE sky,” each track demonstrates his willingness to explore his vocal range and experiment with various vocal effects. Yachty’s commitment to pushing boundaries is commendable, as he employs Auto-Tune to create unconventional and emotionally charged vocal landscapes.

Production and Instrumentation

The production of “Let’s Start Here” is notable for its blend of different musical styles. Yachty seamlessly weaves elements of psych-rock, synth-pop, R&B, and funk into a cohesive sonic tapestry. However, while the album’s vocal experimentation stands out, some of the instrumental moments fall short of their potential. There are instances where the attempt to create a psychedelic ambiance comes across as restrained, preventing the album from fully realizing its experimental aspirations.

Songwriting and Lyrics

Yachty’s songwriting on this album centers on themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and overcoming failure. While these themes are relatable, the execution falls short at times. Yachty’s lyrics often lack the depth and complexity needed to fully convey the intended emotions. This weakness is partially offset by his expressive vocal delivery, which adds a layer of authenticity to the tracks. Collaborations with seasoned songwriters bring mixed results, sometimes enhancing the lyrical content while at other times failing to make a significant impact.

Vocal Performance

Yachty’s vocal performance is a highlight of “Let’s Start Here.” His willingness to embrace Auto-Tune and other vocal effects showcases his growth as a vocalist. His unique vocal style shines through, even as he experiments with different tones and textures. Yachty’s vocals become instruments that convey not only the lyrics but also the emotions embedded within each track. The album’s standout moments often arise from his willingness to explore unfamiliar vocal territories.

Comparisons and Influences

In contrast to his peers who have pushed existing sounds to new heights, Yachty’s album finds him working within established musical templates. This divergence raises questions about the extent of his artistic exploration. The influence of artists like Tame Impala, A24 soundtracks, and Silk Sonic is evident in the album’s eclectic blend of genres. While the result is undeniably catchy and accessible, some might view it as a missed opportunity for Yachty to break new ground.

Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of “Let’s Start Here” varies from track to track. Yachty’s attempts to convey loneliness, heartbreak, and resilience are evident in his vocals but often fall short due to less nuanced lyrics. Despite this, the album manages to evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue as Yachty ventures into unfamiliar musical territories. The emotional connection between the artist and the listener remains strong, even when the lyrical content doesn’t always hit the mark.

Target Audience

“Let’s Start Here” caters to a broad audience, encompassing Lil Yachty’s existing fan base and those who appreciate genre-blending experimentation. The album’s fusion of various musical styles and Yachty’s vocal prowess make it accessible to a wide range of listeners. While his transition from his signature sound might attract new fans, existing fans might need some time to adjust to this new artistic direction.


Despite Yachty’s efforts to push boundaries and experiment, the album falls short in terms of fully embracing its experimental aspirations. While his vocal performance and emotional sincerity shine through, some instrumental moments feel restrained and incomplete. Additionally, the album’s attempts to blend genres sometimes result in a sound that is more polished and safe than genuinely innovative.

Personal Insights

“Let’s Start Here” reflects Lil Yachty’s desire to redefine himself as an artist and be recognized for his musical evolution. While the album’s departure from his signature sound is ambitious, it’s important to acknowledge that experimentation doesn’t always result in groundbreaking innovation. Yachty’s commitment to vocal exploration and his willingness to incorporate diverse musical styles are commendable, but there’s room for growth in terms of lyrical depth and instrumental experimentation.


In “Let’s Start Here,” Lil Yachty embarks on a journey of musical exploration and self-discovery. The album’s fusion of different genres and Yachty’s vocal experimentation showcase his determination to be taken seriously as an artist. While the execution may not always be flawless, the album remains a testament to Yachty’s willingness to challenge expectations and push his artistic boundaries. “Let’s Start Here” encourages listeners to embrace change, as it serves as a reminder that the future of hip-hop is shaped by artists who dare to venture into the unknown.


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