Metallica: 72 Seasons Album Review

Metallica’s “72 Seasons,” their eleventh studio album released in 2023, is a musical voyage that encapsulates both the essence of their iconic sound and their unwavering commitment to heavy metal. With a runtime of 77 minutes, the album presents a symphony of emotions, riffs, and sonic intensity that traverses through various musical landscapes. This review delves into the album’s overarching themes, individual tracks, production quality, lyrical depth, and its potential impact on listeners.

72 Seasons Album Overview

“72 Seasons” captures Metallica’s journey to rediscover their signature sound that enamored fans during the 1980s. This resurgence is a reminder that the band’s essence transcends fleeting trends in modern rock music. The album offers a mix of thrilling moments and instances where the ambition to recapture past glory leads to moments of tedium.

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Track Analysis

The album boasts exhilarating tracks that mirror the breakneck pace of vintage thrash metal. Standouts include “Roomful of Mirrors,” with galloping harmonized runs, and the explosive power chords of “If Darkness Had a Son.” However, sustaining this level of excitement throughout an entire song proves to be challenging, as some tracks feature unnecessary bridges and repetitions that detract from the overall experience.

Production and Instrumentation

“72 Seasons” shines a spotlight on Metallica’s signature sound, showcasing the band’s mastery of their instruments. The production quality is notable, although there are instances where the drums sound almost too precise, raising questions about potential digital manipulation. While the album’s meticulous crafting ensures a polished result, it occasionally veers towards an overworked soundscape.

Songwriting and Lyrics

A significant departure from their earlier works, the album’s lyrics delve into introspection and personal growth. Vocalist James Hetfield’s journey through adversity is evident, adding depth to tracks like “Shadows Follow.” While some lyrics may feel contrived at times, the overall message resonates through the sincerity of delivery.

Vocal Performance

James Hetfield’s vocal performance on “72 Seasons” reflects his evolution as an artist. His exploration of personal demons is delivered with conviction, particularly when infused with metal sensibilities. The album highlights moments where Hetfield’s voice melds seamlessly with the instrumentation, creating a captivating synergy.

Comparisons and Influences

Metallica’s evolution is apparent in “72 Seasons,” where they pay homage to their own history while embracing new influences. The album’s dichotomy between vintage thrash metal and midtempo rock harks back to the band’s ’90s experimentation. The album stands as a testament to their musical journey, showcasing their ability to seamlessly merge past and present.

Emotional Impact

“72 Seasons” possesses emotional weight, rooted in the band’s commitment to self-discovery and growth. The introspective themes resonate with listeners who appreciate the narrative of overcoming personal struggles. Moments of musical brilliance, especially in the solos, evoke a range of emotions that contribute to the album’s impactful aura.

Target Audience

The album’s appeal extends to Metallica’s dedicated fan base as well as new listeners drawn to their storied legacy. Fans of classic thrash metal will find solace in the album’s nostalgic elements, while those seeking a blend of introspection and sonic intensity will also be captivated.


Despite its strengths, “72 Seasons” faces challenges in maintaining consistent engagement throughout its lengthy runtime. Moments of excessive repetition and overly calculated production hinder the album’s potential to be a seamless musical journey. Streamlining certain tracks could have led to a more focused and impactful experience.

Personal Insights

Listening to “72 Seasons” is akin to embarking on a sonic odyssey through time, where Metallica’s past, present, and future converge. The album’s mix of thrilling highs and moments of tedium mirror the band’s own journey of self-discovery and artistic revival. While not without flaws, the album serves as a testament to Metallica’s enduring influence on the heavy metal genre.


Metallica’s “72 Seasons” is a musical exploration that encapsulates the band’s unwavering commitment to their roots while embracing new influences. The album’s extensive runtime presents both moments of brilliance and instances where ambition stretches thin. This sonic journey through time and emotion solidifies Metallica’s place in the annals of heavy metal history, reminding listeners of their enduring legacy and the power of their music to transcend generations.

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