New Order: Get Ready Album Review

New Order’s “Get Ready” album marks the triumphant return of a band that had been absent for a full eight years. After their previous album “Republic” in 1993, fans had eagerly awaited new music from the band. During this hiatus, the band members were not idle, engaging in various side projects. However, “Get Ready” shows that New Order has lost none of its musical prowess. This seventh album is a testament to their enduring talent, combining their signature dance music with a newfound rock energy.

Get Ready Album Overview

“Get Ready” is a collection of ten songs that reintroduces New Order’s distinctive sound to the world. The album strikes a balance between their dance-oriented roots and a gritty rock edge. From the opening track, “Crystal,” the album immediately captures the listener’s attention with its driving guitar riffs and pulsating beats. Throughout the record, the band maintains a high tempo, crafting catchy hooks and anthemic melodies that make it a satisfying listen from start to finish.

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Track Analysis

The album kicks off with a bang with “Crystal,” the opening track and first single. It’s a fantastic song with a driving guitar and punchy bass that will get your feet tapping. While the album version of “Crystal” may lose a bit of the single’s punch due to its extended intro and outro, the energy is still there. Peter Hook’s bass leads and the catchy chorus make this track a standout.

“Primitive Notion” keeps the energy high, thanks to Gillian Gilbert’s textured synth patches and Stephen Morris’ dynamic drumming. This song is like a musical whirlwind that sweeps you off your feet. And then there’s “Slow Jam,” a change of pace that shows New Order’s ability to craft anthemic melodies. The multi-tracked vocals and soaring melody make it a memorable addition to the album.

Production and Instrumentation

“Get Ready” benefits from a well-balanced production that blends electronic and rock elements seamlessly. The instrumentation is rich and diverse, ranging from Sumner’s powerful guitar riffs to Hook’s distinctive basslines. The interplay between programmed beats and live drumming adds depth and texture to the sound, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Songwriting and Lyrics

The album emphasizes New Order’s prowess as songwriters. The band’s ability to craft memorable melodies is evident in tracks like “Crystal” and “Someone Like You.” However, some moments reveal the limitations of their songwriting, such as the opening lyrics of “Rock the Shack.” Despite these occasional missteps, the album’s overall songwriting is solid, capturing a range of emotions and themes.

Vocal Performance

Bernard Sumner’s vocals on “Get Ready” showcase a noticeable improvement, sounding less strained and more confident. His delivery complements the music well, whether it’s the energetic rock tracks or the more introspective moments. The collaboration with guest vocalists like Dawn Zee and Billy Corgan adds depth and variety to the album, enhancing its sonic palette.

Comparisons and Influences

“Get Ready” seamlessly blends the band’s established sound with new rock influences. The energetic guitar-driven tracks draw comparisons to garage rock, while the electronic elements maintain the distinct New Order touch. The album’s ability to bridge these influences demonstrates the band’s versatility and willingness to evolve their sound.

Emotional Impact

The emotional impact of “Get Ready” is multifaceted. Tracks like “Run Wild” showcase the band’s softer side, delivering a heartfelt acoustic love song. The lyrics of “Run Wild” and other tracks hint at a newfound sense of optimism and hope, a departure from some of the band’s more melancholic themes. This emotional range adds depth and complexity to the album’s overall impact.

Target Audience

“Get Ready” caters to a diverse audience. Longtime fans of New Order will appreciate the band’s evolution while enjoying the nostalgic nods to their signature sound. The album’s energetic tracks and catchy melodies are likely to attract a younger audience, drawn to its modern take on classic elements.


While “Get Ready” is a commendable effort, it is not without its flaws. Some tracks, such as “Rock the Shack,” suffer from uneven songwriting and lackluster lyrics. Additionally, the extended intros and outros, as seen in “Crystal,” can dilute the impact of otherwise strong songs. These criticisms, however, do not overshadow the album’s overall strengths.

Personal Insights

Listening to “Get Ready” feels like reuniting with an old friend after a long absence. The album’s energy and familiar yet refreshed sound evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding me of the band’s enduring influence on the music landscape. While there are moments that could have been improved, the album’s cohesive blend of dance and rock elements reaffirms New Order’s status as musical innovators.


In conclusion, “Get Ready” is a compelling return for New Order, showcasing their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. The album’s blend of electronic and rock elements, catchy melodies, and energetic performances make it a noteworthy addition to the band’s discography. While not without its flaws, “Get Ready” is a testament to New Order’s lasting impact and creative resilience. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or a newcomer to their music, “Get Ready” offers a satisfying journey through the intersection of dance and rock.

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