Taylor Swift: Folklore Album Review

Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” is an album that takes us on an unexpected journey through emotions, stories, and connections. Released as a surprise gift during a summer of solitude, this collection of songs unveils a new side of Swift’s musical talents. In this review, we’ll delve into the album’s themes, production, songwriting, vocal performance, and its impact on listeners.

Folklore Album Overview

“Folklore” is often called Taylor Swift’s “indie” album. It’s like a musical companion for cozy sweater weather days. The album came as a surprise, catching many off guard. Some people think Swift is just trying to shift her image, while others see it as a testament to her versatility. The album’s sound is different, but it’s not entirely new; it has traces of indie influences and a touch of nostalgia.

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Track Analysis

The album’s first track, “Invisible String,” introduces the theme of connection beyond time and space. It’s like feeling a bond with someone even before you meet them. The album unfolds like a storybook, with each song presenting a different tale. “The Last Great American Dynasty” narrates the story of a rebellious woman and her impact on society. “Betty,” “Cardigan,” and “August” form a trilogy that explores teenage heartbreak from different viewpoints.

Production and Instrumentation

The production of “Folklore” is a departure from Swift’s usual sound. Aaron Dessner from the National and Jack Antonoff contribute to the album’s sonic landscape. The music feels more restrained, allowing Swift’s vocals and lyrics to take center stage. There’s a sense of space in the arrangements, with elements like pianos, guitars, and orchestration creating a contemplative atmosphere.

Songwriting and Lyrics

Swift’s storytelling prowess shines through in “Folklore.” The songs are like windows into different worlds. “The Last Great American Dynasty” vividly paints the life of a daring woman, while “Betty,” “Cardigan,” and “August” capture the complexities of young love. Swift’s lyrics are quotable, and her ability to create detailed narratives is showcased in tracks like “Mirrorball” and “Illicit Affairs.”

Vocal Performance

Swift’s vocals on “Folklore” are intimate and emotive. The stripped-down production allows her voice to convey the emotions embedded in the lyrics. She showcases her vocal versatility, shifting between different tones and moods to match the stories she’s telling. The rawness in her delivery adds authenticity to the album’s emotional depth.

Comparisons and Influences

“Folklore” draws inspiration from indie music, but it also has echoes of Swift’s earlier works. Collaborations with Antonoff bring hints of her previous albums, while the overall sound reminds us of artists like Lana Del Rey and Florence Welch. The album feels like a nod to both indie music and Swift’s own musical journey.

Emotional Impact

The album’s emotional impact is profound. Songs like “August” evoke the bittersweet feeling of looking back on past summers. Swift’s introspection in tracks like “Mirrorball” resonates with anyone who has experienced the pressures of fame. The storytelling in “Folklore” invites listeners to reflect on their own connections and experiences.

Target Audience

The album’s themes of love, connection, and self-discovery have a universal appeal. While some tracks touch on teenage experiences, the emotions explored are relatable to a broad audience. Swift’s ability to capture these feelings through her storytelling makes “Folklore” accessible to both long-time fans and new listeners.


While “Folklore” is a standout album, there are instances where some selective pruning could have enhanced the overall experience. Certain tracks like “Seven” and “Hoax” may not resonate as strongly as others. However, these moments are minor in the grand scheme of the album’s impact.

Personal Insights

“Folklore” is a testament to Taylor Swift’s growth as an artist. Her willingness to explore new sounds and themes while staying true to her storytelling roots is commendable. The album showcases her evolution from a pop sensation to a versatile musician with a mature perspective.


In conclusion, Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” is a captivating journey through emotions and stories. The album’s indie influences, cinematic narratives, and emotive vocals create a unique musical experience. Swift’s ability to craft stories through her lyrics and evoke deep emotions in listeners remains her greatest strength. “Folklore” is a testament to her artistic evolution and a reflection of her commitment to musical exploration.

As you listen to the album, you’ll find yourself immersed in the tales Swift weaves, connecting with the emotions that transcend time and circumstance. “Folklore” invites us to explore the invisible strings that tie us to people and experiences, making it a timeless addition to Taylor Swift’s discography.

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