The National: I Am Easy to Find Album Review

The National, a band known for their heartfelt music and deep lyrics, has surprised us with their eighth album, “I Am Easy to Find.” This album is their biggest, longest, and boldest yet. It’s like a colorful painting made with many different brushes, thanks to the array of talented female singers who join in guiding the songs. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this remarkable album, exploring its tracks, production, lyrics, vocals, and more.

I Am Easy to Find Album Overview

“I Am Easy to Find” is a musical adventure, spanning 64 minutes of emotions, stories, and soundscapes. It’s a collection of 16 songs that come together like pieces of a puzzle, each fitting into a larger picture. This album feels like a new chapter for The National, a band that’s always been known for its lead singer, Matt Berninger. But this time, it’s not just about him – it’s about a chorus of voices shaping the music.

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Track Analysis

The album opens with “You Had Your Soul With You,” a track that introduces the theme of change and growth. As the album progresses, we’re treated to a variety of moods and melodies. “Not In Kansas” reflects on the desire to stand up against injustice, while “Hey Rosey” explores the complexities of love. Each song feels like a step on a journey, revealing different facets of human experience.

Production and Instrumentation

The album’s producer, Mike Mills, plays a significant role in shaping its sonic landscape. With his director’s touch, he guides the band toward new directions. The instrumentation is rich and varied, with strings, pianos, and electronic elements weaving through the songs. The music is like a tapestry, with each instrument adding its own thread to the design.

Songwriting and Lyrics

The lyrics of “I Am Easy to Find” are a tapestry of emotions and thoughts. Carin Besser, Matt Berninger’s wife, contributes to the songwriting, adding a fresh perspective. The words are like windows into the characters’ minds, revealing their hopes, fears, and desires. The album’s title track, “I Am Easy to Find,” is particularly poignant, portraying the complexities of relationships and the struggles of communication.

Vocal Performance

The standout feature of this album is the collaboration with a range of talented female vocalists. Their voices add depth and dimension to the music, turning each song into a dialogue. Gail Ann Dorsey’s voice in “You Had Your Soul With You” is like a burst of sunlight, while Lisa Hannigan’s ethereal vocals in “Oblivions” create a dreamlike atmosphere. These voices complement and sometimes even challenge Berninger’s signature style.

Comparisons and Influences

“I Am Easy to Find” draws inspiration from the past while forging its own path. The influence of Leonard Cohen is evident in the introspective lyrics and the focus on emotions. The use of female voices harks back to Cohen’s incorporation of a chorus of women in his songs. This album pays homage to the past while embracing modernity, creating a unique blend of sounds and styles.

Emotional Impact

The album’s emotional impact is undeniable. It delves into the complexities of human relationships, touching on themes of love, vulnerability, and self-discovery. The interplay between different voices adds layers of emotion, making the listener feel like they’re eavesdropping on intimate conversations. The music evokes a range of feelings, from introspection to exhilaration.

Target Audience

“I Am Easy to Find” will resonate with listeners who appreciate thoughtful and introspective music. Those who enjoy exploring different perspectives and diving into intricate emotional landscapes will find a lot to connect with. The album’s mix of traditional and modern elements makes it accessible to both longtime fans of The National and newcomers alike.


While “I Am Easy to Find” is a captivating journey, it’s not without its moments of pacing fatigue. Some tracks, like “Rylan,” feel familiar and less innovative compared to the rest of the album. Additionally, the album’s extended runtime may test the patience of some listeners. However, these shortcomings are overshadowed by the album’s strengths and its willingness to take risks.

Personal Insights

As a listener, “I Am Easy to Find” captivated me with its diverse voices and intricate storytelling. The collaboration with female vocalists added a dynamic element that elevated the music to new heights. While some tracks may have felt less engaging, the overall experience was a rewarding one. This album serves as a reminder that embracing change and collaborating with others can lead to remarkable artistic growth.


“I Am Easy to Find” is a testament to The National’s willingness to explore new territories while staying true to their core identity. It’s a musical journey that invites listeners to reflect on their own emotions and experiences. With its rich production, heartfelt lyrics, and diverse vocal performances, this album is a remarkable addition to The National’s discography. It’s a reminder that music has the power to connect us, challenge us, and inspire us – even as we navigate the complexities of life’s journey.

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