In The Press

  • Bandcamp

    “Hot Flash Heat Wave have made a glowing record about moving on—a rare album that sighs with wistfulness while still having fun.”

    - Bandcamp
  • Billboard

    “The band’s [Foxtails Brigade] third full-length album serves as a confirmation of the band’s blend of indie and chamber pop, melding together percussion and synths with cinematic arrangements and guitars.”

    - Billboard
  • Chris Deville, Stereogum

    “They’re a pop-rock band who would have hit my Strokes/Weezer/Phantom Planet sweet spot back in 2002 (I mean that as a major compliment) and who are giving me pleasant memories of that era 15 years later.”

    - Chris Deville, Stereogum
  • Mike Oliger, The Wild Honey Pie

    “Oakland-based, brother/sister-led quintet The Tambo Rays play a sweeping brand of sun-soaked pop rock that exemplifies the vintage appeal of golden-era Blondie while falling within the same symphonic spectrum as modern indie pop acts like the Shout Out Louds.” 

    - Mike Oliger, The Wild Honey Pie
  • Jessie Schiewe, SF Weekly

    “The band is led by saccharine-voiced Sara DaMert, who lends a cherubic, innocent feel to the Tambo Rays’ bubbly, indie-pop jams.”

    - Jessie Schiewe, SF Weekly
  • Elle Caroll, DoTheBay

    “3D Light is a hazy, spaced-out number that meanders into the ether as though it can’t be bothered with touching the ground. Clocking in at just over five minutes, “3D Light” burns slow and blue, dreamily adrift beneath a morphine drip.”

    - Elle Caroll, DoTheBay