Check Out Foxtails Brigade’s “Far Away and Long Ago”

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In The Press

  • Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged

    “Memories of the first time you heard Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky come rushing back, but then you realize Whiskerman is one of a kind – that even though they have a few comparable contemporaries nothing quite matches their unique arrangements and unexpected instrumentation and haunting beauty.”

    - Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged
  • Rachel Milani, Do The Bay

    “Whiskerman is one of the most heartfelt bands currently making music in the Bay Area and they’re gearing up to release their newest album Nomad on OIM records next month.”

    - Rachel Milani, Do The Bay
  • Kim Taylor Bennett, Noisey

    “It doesn’t happen often these days, but the video for Waterstrider’s song “Frayed” will make you sit up and go WOAH”

    - Kim Taylor Bennett, Noisey
  • Jody Amable, The Bay Bridged

    “OIM has been an instrumental force in cultivating, expanding, and generally living and breathing the Oakland music scene”

    - Jody Amable, The Bay Bridged
  • Brice Ezell, Pop Matters

    “Vocalist and guitarist Nate Salman tells PopMatters, “‘Frayed’ came from an experience of pure bliss and confusion bundled together: the un-satisfaction of temporary romance, and the struggle to maintain sanity in the midst of a magical moment.”

    - Brice Ezell, Pop Matters
  • Caitlin White, Stereogum

    “The seams between shots are visible and give the clip a stilted, puppeteered feel that contrasts nicely with the song’s funk-pop longing and elation.”

    - Caitlin White, Stereogum